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Storing Images in Mysql Database

Tutorial Outline:
  1. Creating a Test Mysql Database
  2. Example php Database Function
  3. Explanation of Database Function
  4. Php Script to Load Images in Mysql Database
  5. Explanation of Image Script
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This tutorial covers a simple way to store images in a mysql database. The example scripts that I provide here are intended to show you how to get a single image into your database. It will be up to you to write other scripts using php loops -- and functions like:

Creating a Test Mysql Database

This tutorial includes a fictitious database and table. Lets call the database test_imgs with a single table called pictures.

id pics ext gender
1 retergfghfghterhgcfnt
jpg female
  1. "id" is primary, key, not null, and auto_increment
  2. "pics" blob not null
  3. "ext" is varchar(4) not null
  4. "gender" is varchar(7) not null
  5. Mysql defaults for everything else.
  6. Create a directory "test" for the scritps
  7. Practice script "test.php"

Example Php Database Function

First let's write a function to connect to the Mysql database

Explanation of Database Function

I named my function "database connect" for obvious reasons, then passed the following arguments:

  1. $db_host -- Database Host
  2. $db_user -- Database User Name
  3. $db_pw -- Database Password
  4. $db_name -- Database Name
  5. &$db_selected -- Passed by reference
  6. &$connection -- Passed by reference

Arguments 1 through 4 need no explanation. Five and six were passed by reference which allows me to retrieve the variable values outside the function. Comment out the "die()" functions when you are not troubleshooting your code.

Php Script to Load Images in Mysql Database

Now lets get down to the task of storing images in a mysql database.

Explanation of Image Script

Notice that I used "fopen(), fread(), and fclose()" to get the contents of "testpic.php" and store it in a variable -- $img.

Next, I take $img and run it through "base64_encode().Read about base64 here.

Finally, after a little SQL magic, I place the encoded data from my test picture into the database. Viola! Now I have a jpeg image stored in mysql. Make note that I made a point to record the file extension along with the picture itself. I will be using that information when I am ready to get images out of my sql database.

Author: D.Shaun Morgan

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Author: Taz | Website URL: |
say if I'm trying to make a database in mysql that stores my products with a picture of each when a customer searches for products the info comes up with a small photo next to it...what is the easiest or simplest way this can be achieved??

Re: Admin
A simple way to do this is to create a table for for products and include field in that table that stores teh URL or file location of the picture for that product. This will allow you to store the images in the filesystem instead of in the database. Just pass along the file location to the html for images -- img src --. You could also add a field for the image's thumbnail location or take care of it in your php script.
Author: Shaun | Website URL: |
Great tutorials!
Author: rabi | Website URL: |
I love this tutorial! I was looking everywhere for this information! Finally I found it here.
Author: fatima | Website URL: |
how I can store image in DB and recieve from DB and show it?

Re: Admin

Images and Database
Author: Dani | Website URL: |
Can you tell me how to insert more then one images in database?and how to store them in database? need a row for each file?

Re: Admin

If you use the image methods found at , you should be able to incorporate some type of loop such a for() or while() or do{} while(), etcetera.
Author: gayathri | Website URL: |
I have created a database table with two fields year type: area, yeild
when we select year and area and click submit we should get the image acording to those files how connect the images according to the fields when i select
show the

Re: Admin

Please explain a little more in depth about your problem. Are you having trouble getting the images into or out of the database, or are you haveing trouble writing a program that can return the exact images that you are requesting?
Author: hillary | Website URL: |
nice....thanks a lot
Author: Polin | Website URL: |
This is good but i have need more like image size and type restrictions and show with html and php. If possible please add more code. Thanks
Author: baluku mzee | Website URL: |
how to store images in mysl database using php and html, also automatic addation, substraction, making automatic calculation in above like after entering all products in the database then the total quantity sums up itself
Author: Kabir Ahmad | Website URL: |
plz tell me the way to save images along in the file and store its reference in database. plz also write the code. thanks
Author: Edgardo | Website URL: |
Woah I m really digging the template theme of this blog. It s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it s tough to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say you ve done a awesome job with this. Additionally, the blog loads super fast for me on Safari. Excellent Blog
Author: kelechi | Website URL: |
1. please i have been trying to creat a social site where friends can view the comment of only those he she has as friend on the database. how do i manipulate the database so i can get the result using php on a local wampserver..
2. how do i terminate a session using php when a user just close a page without logging out.

please i will like you to send the reply to my email. thamks