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Government Cell Phone Tracking

Fake Cell Towers Tracking CitizensAccording to this news report by, police are secretly deploying cell phone towers that trick your cell phone to "think" that it is communicating with your provider - when in fact it is tracking your every movement.This technology is purported to be accurate within "meters" of the phone that is being tracked.The agencies using this technology claim that they are only "after the bad guys," adding that they are


nl2br() - How to convert newline characters to line breaks HTMLTo preserve the layout of characters type into a text-box and format it to display in an HTML documentnl2br() is a handy function.Simply pass into the nl2br function the results of a form that was posted and it returns that same content with the newline and carriage return values replaced by HTML line break tags .


md5() md5 is a mathematical algorithm that is commonly called the md5 digest. The md5 procedure takes alphanumeric input and performs what is known as a hash returning a 128 bit unique sequence of 32 hexadecimal digits. This technique is sometimes used for security reasons - for storing and retrieving passwords, especially on internet websites. One common way to store a person's credentials in an online database is with the md5 hash. When the person subm

Md5 File

How to Use md5_file()php functionmd5 is a mathematical algorithm that is commonly called the md5 digest. The md5 procedure takes alphanumeric input and performs what is known as a hash returning a 128 bit unique sequence of 32 hexadecimal digits. This technique is used for security reasons. You will find cases of it used on the Internet when there is a file that is offered for download, included with the file will be a "hash" value. The idea is to download the file


ltrim ltrim() php functionltrim removes the leftmost entity from a string in PHP." " (ASCII 32 (0x20) - space. "\t" (ASCII 9 (0x09)) - tab. "" (ASCII 10 (0x0A) - (line feed)."\r" (ASCII 13 (0x0D))carriage return."\0" (ASCII 0 (0x00)) - Null Byte."\x0B" (ASCII 11 (0x0B)) - vertical tab.See Alsochop()


how to use implode() php functionThe implode() php function is exactly the opposite of explode(). It takes an array of strings and combines them together returning one single string.$content[0]<p>First paragraph of our example.</p>$content[1]<p>Second paragraph of our example.</p>$content[2]<


Explode()PHP FunctionUsed to read, parse and manipulate website content.Chops text into smaller pieces and places each piece into an array variable. Content Example Stored in Database First paragraph example.Second paragraph example.Third paragraph example.


php echo contentEcho is used in php scripts to output content to the screen. echo is one of the most used functions in the php language.

How To Root Cricket Sanyo Droid

Root Cricket Droid Phone Sanyo ZIO, by KyoceraThese instruction are specifically for the Cricket Droid Phone. However, they will work for most other Droid phones also. When I wanted to root my Cricket droid phone I could not find any place online where someone else had rooted the Cricket Droid -- So I just did it and hoped for the best. It worked like charm, so here it is.Open your Cricket Android and use your barcode Scanner to s

How To Unzip Files On Your Free Hosting Account

Uzipping Files on Your Web ServerIf you are using a free hosting account with and many of the other Free hosts out there, you may have found that they don't offer you a lot of features. One feature that I could not find on free hosting accounts was a utility that would unzip my files after I uploaded them to my server. I had a dating site software that I was trying to install after I uploaded the zip files to my hosting server.Thus, I wrote a PHP

Passing Data From One Form To Another Form Using Php

Passing data from one form to another formTo pass php data from a form and then catch that data into another form one way to accomplish this task is to intermingle your php code into your HTML to dynamically capture variable values. This particular method is useful in a scenario where the user updates something via a post (it could be a text file or database) and then the user is returned to the page where the form is located to find various fields popula

Just In Time Compiling

JIT - Just in Time Compilers JIT refers to a special software that is found in web-browsers, and scripting engines such PHP's Zend. (My understanding of ZEND is that it produces byte-code and functions similar to other JIT compilers). For this discussion, without trying to be overly technical on what a JIT is or isn't -- JIT will simply mean software that turns scripts into executable code for whatever machine it is running on. The concepts of JIT and it's various

Building Websites Beginners Tutorial 02

Building Websites First Step - About Domains Hosting Your Website Buying a DomainOk so your ready to start building a website? There are a few things to consider anytime you want to create a website. The most obvious is what type of website do you want to create? Are you interested in making money online w

Building Webpage Uploading FTP

Using an FTP Client An Ftp Client is a piece of software that a webmaster cannot go without. FTP stands for File transfer protocol, and that’s exactly what it does – moves files from your local machine to a remote server where your websites are hosted. Now there are many different FTP programs out there that a web designer can choose from. In fact there is actually an FTP client built into your web browser and there is probably a command line FTP client on the ope

Build My First Webpage

Building Your First WebsiteBeginner's Website TutorialBuilding webpages technically requires little more than a text editor such as Notepad and a basic understanding of HTML.However, most people that decide to learn HTML and build a website want to do more than add a couple links to their email profiles. Thus, I have listed here the most common steps that many people take when they decided to learn how to build websites.While the followi

Building Websites Beginners Tutorial 03

Finding Good Web Site Hosting Choosing a good hosting company for your website is a crucial step. Trust me; I have been down a long road of horrible hosting companies. The biggest mistake I made when I first decided to buy hosting for my website, looking for a hosting company to buy a domain name from, there were so many out there on the Internet - I did not even know where to begin. My first hosting company I decided to buy hosting from was one that sold me 500mb of space, 1 GB o

Building Websites Beginners Tutorial 01

Introduction to Building WebsitesSkip to the Examples   Building Your First Site introduction 2 Looking through emails at, I keep seeing this question “how do I create my own website?”

Storing Image Locations Mysql

Store Image URL in DatabaseRetrieve Image with PHP Script Saving URL Text in Database Saving image filesystem paths, of an image file in the database is easier than saving the whole image. Storing whole images requires converting the image files into bit-streams then saved into the database as binary and then changing them back into th

How To Turn Variable Value Into Variable Name

Variable Variables in PHPi-1Every so often when you are writing a php file, we all run into a situation where we would like for the name of the string that is inside of your php variable to be converted into the actual name of another variable. After a fair amount of hunting around the internet and getting sent off into PHP code hunting limbo for a few hours, I suddenly remembered that this was something that I had  found a solutio


Explanation of PHP Basic Syntax --New to PHPPhp is a language that is very much like writing c. The best feature of PHP versus c is that it is designed primarily to be used on WebPages -- allowing the author to intermingle their php code and the HTML on the same page. Being able to mix these two languages together provides a very flexible environment that allows the author to code some very nice dynamic content. PHP is called a server side scripting l

Javascript How To Read Metatags

Javascript - How to Read Metatags document.getElementsbyTagName("meta")If you have already spent hours trying to figure out why your JavaScript code will not read metatags no-matter how hard you try or how many different JavaScript tricks you've attempted then you are in the right place because I did the same thing. Therefore after I figured out the utter foolishness of my unwillingness t

How To Use Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver - WISIWIGDreamweaver is a tool that arguably could be called the industry standard for web design.Dreamweaver, is an Adobe product that originally belonged to Macromedia. They sold out to Adobe a few years ago. I have been using Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver for about ten years. I am today using the Dreamweaver version that came packaged with Adobe CS 4. I started out with Dreamweaver 4. Since then Adobe has given this software a slightly different face and


Filezilla Ftp Client, FTP SERVER vs WsftpBy D.Shaun MorganWhile I was writing this article, about halfway through, I realized that it would be unfair to tell my readers about Filezilla without also mentioning another very good FTP client called WSftp. So, I backtracked and browsed over to website to take a look at the latest version. The fact is, when I first started building websites, WSftp was actually the first FTP client that I used. I don't know if Fil

Notepad Plus

Notepad++Download Notepad Plus Plus Notepad plus plus is an open source, free text editor. It is an ideal choice for many programming and scripting languages. Example - How to write c++ with Notepad Plus PlusExample - How to write HTML with Notepad Plus Plus

How To Install Apache

How to install Apache On WindowsBefore starting, make sure that you are using the same version of Apache web server that is used in this tutorial.Apache file nameapache_2.2.4-win32-x86-no_ssl.msiDownload Apache 2.2 HerePlease NoteThis tutorial is primarily for Windows, and does not cover installing Apache on Linux. This tutorial shows t you how set up Apache web server on a windows pc for testing and web develop

How To Open Create Write Files Using Php

Php file functions, Opening a file in php, reading a file in php, writing a file in phpIn this tutorial we will look at the most commonly used file functions used in php. The examples below should be pretty familiar to the seasoned php scripter, but they are useful nonetheless. We will end this tutorial with a php script and an html form that will read the contents of a file into a string variable and output it into a textfield for editing. You can try the script out be

Stop Form Spam Captcha

PHP -- How to Protect My Email Form / Contact Form Against Spam BotsAuthor D.Shaun MorganRandom Name Fields to Stop SpambotRandom Name Fields to Stop SpambotExample Random Name Fields ScriptExample Message ScriptStopping Spam Bot With

Retreive Images Mysql Using Php

How to get images out of mysql database with php and use them on my webpagesRetrieving Images From Mysql Database With phpAuthor D.Shaun MorganPHP Version - PHP 5xMysql Version - 5Tutorial OutlineDownload Test ScriptsCreating a Test Mysql DatabasePhp Script to

How To Make Money Online

Making Money on the InternetSign up for this series of free money making articles Name Email Since you are reading this I am going to assume that you are looking to either start or improve a venture of starting or improving yo

Store Images Mysql Using Php

Storing Images in Mysql DatabaseTutorial OutlineCreating a Test Mysql DatabaseExample php Database FunctionExplanation of Database FunctionPhp Script to Load Images in Mysql DatabaseExplanation of Image ScriptSee Also

Php Example Post Array

Visual example of how PHP handles the super-global array variable "$_POST"Author D.Shaun MorganVersions and Skill LevelPHP Version - PHP 5xReader skill level - BeginnerXHTML 1.0 Transitional - interchangeable with HTML 4.0See AlsoHow can I pass a PHP variable from one page

Php Arrays

Passing PHP ArraysHow to pass php variable arrays between pages.Author Author D.Shaun MorganSee AlsoHow can I pass a PHP variable from one page to anotherIn PHP progra

How To Write Php Functions

Explanation of a Basic PHP FunctionWhat is a PHP function?In PHP a function represents a block of instructions that perform a task. A PHP Function allows the user to re-use blocks of script without having to rewrite all the code every time it's needed. This is useful for repetitive tasks that perform the same jobs over and over.PHP has a large number of built-in function

How To Write Html Form Using Php

When learning PHP to build a website, one of the very first things that any newcomer, or beginner needs to learn is how to use HTML or XHTML ( will mean the same for this tutorial.) forms to collect information from users. Those data are usually email addresses, names, birthdays, and sometimes private information like credit card info, SSN, and home addresses. (The scripts in this tutorial are not meant for processing security sensitive data. It is only intended to teach you h

Register Globals Long Arrays

Security, php.ini, register_globals and register_long_arraysAuthor D.Shaun MorganVersions and Skill LevelPHP Version - PHP 5xReader skill level - ALLTutorial Outlineregister_globalsregister_long_arraysSee AlsoPHP Tutorials

How To Install Php 5

How to Install PHP 5.x.x.x on WindowsThis is beginner's how-to manual explaining how to quickly setup a PHP 5 installation on a Windows PC. You must have an Apache webserver installed and working on your personal computer.This tutorial was written primarily for configuring a test server.Below is a list of what you need before you start trying to install PHP.An Apache server installed and running (

Php Passing Variables

Pass Variables from One Page to Another -- PHPTutorial Outline Passing PHP variables with $_POSTPassing PHP variables in links with $_GETPassing PHP variables without POST or GET | $_SESSION

Text Box Change Onlick

Javascript to Change the Text When ClickedThe code is pretty basic. Because I was dealing with 3 text boxes, I decided to just write 3 functions - one for each. With a little bit of work it should be fairly easy to create a loop that can handle all 3 text input boxes with one function

Ob Start

How to Use ob_start() - PHP8/12/2014bool ob_start ([ callback $output_callback [, int $chunk_size [, bool $erase ]]] )ob_start holds everything except for headers on a webpage - i.e the whole script, html, etcetera in an internal memory buffer until either the script reaches the end of tile or the script reaches ob_end_flush().ob_end_flush() Outputs Stored Bufferob_end_flush() outputs what is stored in the bu

How To Make Browser Go Back To Last Page With Using Php

How To Make Browser Go Back To Last Page With Php8/12/2014After submitting an HTML form or clicking a link encoded with variables and information, it is often desirable to the programmer that the user's browser be automatically redirected - to go back to the previous page. The simplest way I've found to accomplish this is by using a php built-in function called - header() and a PHP built-in variable called $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']

Drop Index Mod Rewrite

Prevent index.php, index.html from showingOptions +FollowSymLinks -MultiViews -indexesRewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /# remove indexRewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} /index(\.php)?[\s?/] [NC]RewriteRule ^(.*?)index(/|$) /$1 [L,R=301,NC,NE]

Binary Search User Functions

Binary Search User FunctionThe code in the example is for finding a given value in a sorted array.If the value is not found the function will return the position of the location where it the value should be.

Php Conditional Statments If Else Switch

Conditional Statements If Else & Switch CaseIf ElseIf else is the bread an butter of programming - so-to-speak. if-else and Case Switch are known as conditional operators; they create conditions or criteria that a block of code must meet in order to accomplish a certain task. Conditions make up the logic of a script.When writing scripts there is usually a need to compare something or make a decision, for e

Textarea Code Overflow

Textarea Code Overflows and Runs Out Onto PageMy Decision to Use Textarea TagWhile working on a script for to edit content, I ran into few problems. First - because mrarrowhead is a website about building websites using php, I have had to battle with the best way to display the example code on my webpages.I tried using the HTML special chars & lt; and & gt; respectively but I found it much too time consuming and tedious trying to convert the HTML code ba

Convert Timestamp To Readable Date Time Using Php

Convert Unix Timestamp to Readable Date Time PHPUser Functionstring function convert_timestamp(string $file_in, int $column,string $dateformatReturnsReturns a string representation of the file with one column convertedstring $file_inPath To the Fileint $co

Creating Image Watermarks

Creating PHP Watermarks$my_image = imagecreatefromjpeg('photo.jpeg');$watermark = imagecreatetruecolor(100, 70);imagefilledrectangle($watermark, 0,0, 99, 99, 0x0000FF);imagefilledrectangle($watermark, 9,9, 90,60, 0xFFFFFF);$my_image = imagecreatefromjpeg('photo.jpeg');imagestring($watermark, 5, 20, 20, 'libGD', 0x0000FF);imagestring($watermark, 3, 20, 40, 'watermark', 0x0000FF);$marginRigh

Is My Password Safe In Fiefox

Is My Password Safe Stored In FireFox?In short - Firefox uses triple DES in CBC mode with Master Password.More details nice article about this topic is here http// and if you want some more details, here is mozillaZine article http// is believed that it is safe to store passwords such way, however,

Force Www Domain Access

Forces www. when users access your domainApache Web-server's mod_rewrite function does this by "rewriting the URL and issuing a 301 (permanent) redirect header to users' browsers.# Always use www in the domain# Replace '' with your domain nameRewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^([a-z.]+)?example\.com$ [NC]RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC]RewriteRule .? http//{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

Extracting Text From Images

Extract text from pictures and imagesOptical Character Recognition (OCR)OneNote supports Optical Character Recognition facilitates the task of extracting text from image files. Optical Character Recognition - OCR can convert various types of media into text that can be edited. For i

Need To Print Out An Array Using Php

How toPrint PHP ArraysThings to Consider AreArray Type- Single Array or Multidimensional Array?Class-Object Array?Raw Dump of Array Keys and Values?Array Data Precision Extraction Methods?Formatted Array Data - HTML tags - Str

Html Rel

a link Rel=attributealternate Links to an alternate version of the document (i.e. print page, translated or mirror)author Links document Authorbookmark Permanent URL used for bookmarkinghelp Links to a help documentlicense Links to copyright information for the documentnext The next document in a selectionnofollow Links to a document that is not necessarily trusted.i.e. paid links. "nofollow" is specific to

Jerad Miller Las Vegas Shooter

Jared Miller - The Las Vegas Cop Killer Thought He was JokerWhat is it with these psychos wanting to be the Joker?Where the hell is Batman?"According sources, at about 1120 a.m, Officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31 were shot dead by the Las Vegas Joker - Jerad Mill

Admin Runner

Run Programs as Admin from User AccountDownload Here

Drop Www From Domain

Drop WWW. from My DomainThe following script will take the ".www" off the front of your domain. Apache Web-server's mod_rewrite does this by "rewriting the URL and issuing a 301 (permanent) redirection header to users' browsers.Below Replace mydomain\.com with and place the script either in your server's configuration file or a .htaccess file.If you use a .htaccess file - the file will need to be uploaded to the root directo

Disable Windows Error Reporting

Disable Windows 7 Error Reporting Click on the Start button and then Click Control Panel. Click System and Security. Note If you're viewing the Large icons or Small icons view of Control Panel, click on Action Center and go to Step 4.

Nsa Spying On Citizens Npr Experiment

How the National Security Agency Spies on Americans National Public Radio Experiments With National Security Agency Spying The Information Technology industry has grown by leaps and bounds these last 7 years. In fact, it has grown so rapidly, from a time when security was thought of as what you did after you designed and deployed a network to now, a p

Mricrosoft Change Of Privacy Notice

Microsoft Changes Privacy Terms But Are They Still Spying On Customers! 6-13-2014 It is no secret that Microsoft has been tracking customers since the earliest days of Windows. Microsoft has used Windows Error Reporting to snoop on customers disguised as the best way to building a better pr

Jerad Miller La Shooter

Jared Miller - The Las Vegas Cop Killer Thought He was JokerWhat is it with these psychos wanting to be the Joker?Where the hell is Batman?"According sources, at about 1120 a.m, Officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31 were shot dead by the Las Vegas Joker - Jerad Mill

Mass Murder Elliot Rodger

Mass Murderer Elliote Rodger was AutisticI've read his manifesto/autobiography --and there are few things that come to mind as I wonder to myself "what mixture of life and genetics produced a human like this?"When I first head about this on the Radio, my initial reaction was the same as most people's - I though this must be the act

Html5 Meter

HTML5 Meter Tag and JavaScript Try it! + - Note Internet Explorer and Safari 5 (and earlier versions) are not supported. var cnt = 0; var x = document.getElementById("my_meter_01");

Html5 Progress

HTML5 Progress TagExample to animate html5 progress tag with Javascript<progress id="progress_01"></progress><p id="mypos"></p><script language="JavaScript">var x = document.getElementById("progress_01");var p = document.getElementById("mypos");var y=0;x.max = 100;setInterval( function(){x.value = y; y++;p.inn

Html Doctypes

HTML DOCTYPE DeclarationsHTML 5HTML 4.01 StrictHTML 4.01 TransitionalHTML 4.01 Frameset

Redirect Website Mod Rewrite

Redirect Entire Website with Mod_RewriteApache mod_rewrite redirect every pageThe following code will redirect every page of a website. Idea for moving websites from one domain name to another.# Redirect one domain to another domainOptions +FollowSymLinksRewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http//$1 [R=301

Privacy Policy Privacy PolicyFrom this point forward in this document will be referred to asThis Website or This SiteThis Policy Notice is to let users of know that this website is using the following Google Technology to deliver ads based on user habits and cookie tracking.Display Advertising (e.g., Re

Str Ireplace

mixed str_ireplace ( mixed $search , mixed $replace , mixed $subject [, int &$count ] ) Str_ireplace() searches and replaces text found in php strings and variables. Str_ireplace() is used for reformatting documents on the fly, making last minute fixes, and injecting new content into a document.This example of str_ireplace() reads the name of the pages here on and performs a series of string replacements in order to create the anchor texts that are

Odd Number Php Script

Testing for Odd/Even Numbers - PHPExample - Banner Rotation PHP Script Odd/Even NumbersSimple Php Tutorial Creating Odd / Even Testing% modulus operator.$_SESSION['x'] % 2;In this example I will demonstrate a php script that I use to rotate two Ad banners.This results in a script that changes up the banner every time the user clicks

CplusPlus Script Example

How to Write your first Program in C++#include using namespace std;int main (){ cout a for-loop//this loop will print 1 through 10for(x=0; x>10; x++){cout

Activate Windows Now

Windows 7 Activation Error - Activate Windows within 5 DaysWindows 7 was installed and you start to see the following errorsDesktop Background Turns Completely Black An Error and/or a Box Pops-Up Saying"This version of Windows is not Genuine""Windows is not Genuine" - 0x80070005 "Activate Windows Now.""Activate Windows Now."The most likely culprit here is Windows Activa

Quallcom Gobi Wont Release Vzaccess Manager

QuallCom Gobi Driver Stuck In Verizon VzAccess Manager of Police Officer's Panasonic ToughBook CF31Today While Working on a Panasonic ToughBook CF31 For a Law Enforcement Officer, I placed a UM175 air card in the side USB port and waited for the system to recognize it and go through the usual routine of installing the drivers and starting up VZaccess Manager.What happened next, however, was unique based on my experience with these devices and software

Root ZTE X500 Android

How to Root ZTE X500 AndroidThis applies to all ZTE X500 Scores including the Cricket.FirstDownload and install ZTE Android Driver on your Personal Computer.Download and onto your Personal Computer.Scan these files for viruses Just in Case someth

Reclaiming Links With Google Webmaster Tools

Reclaiming Old Links - Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is not only great for checkingWhat content is listed in Google's index and how it ranksThe key words used to search for site contentThe click through rate of those keywordsGoogle Web Master Tools also provides a great way to check inbound links which can help you discover links to pages that ha

Tracking Feedburner Stats

Tracking your FeedBurner StatsIf you are using Feedburder to track your website's RSS feeds, then you may have noticed that when you follow a feedburner link to the site -- it sends along several link parameters. You can see these if you look at the area located just after the question mark in your web browswers address bar.Mine looked like this&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MrArrowheadcom+%28Mr.+Ar


phponwebsites.comwww.phponwebsites.comQuite a few good tutorials here on php, and mysql and a few other topics.

Bad Network Connection Things To Check

Windows Xp Computer Won't connect to the Internet. Look on your desktop for "Network places." Right click and choose "properties." Look for "local area connection." Right Click and select "repair."If this does not help Then check your network cables.


rtrimRemoves whitespace from the right side of a stringSeetrim()ltrim()


chop() PHP Functionchop() is identical to the rtrim function string rtrim(string $str[, string $charlist ])Strips characters including hex characters and hidden chars from the right most position in a string.Default strips" " (ASCII 32 (0x20)), an ordinary space. "\t" (ASCII 9 (0x09)), a tab. "" (ASCII 10 (0x0A)), a new line (line feed). "\r" (ASCII 13 (0x0D)), a carriage re

Array Rand

array_rand(array $input [, int $num_req= 1 ])ReturnsRandom keyArgumentsArgument 1 is an array. Arguments 2 is an integer that determines how many keys will be returnedThe script below uses the random function to shuffle around the array indexes in content; then it transfers the values of those indices into a $temp variable. Next the content variable is destroyed and created again, and for clarity in the script, the $temp variable's v

Gain Admin Rights To Files From User Account Xp

How to Get Admin Rights for Files, Logged In as User - XPD.Shaun MorganHave you ever been logged into Windows XP as a regular user and then suddenly realized that you really need admin access to files?While you are logged in without admin rights, Windows does not give you an option to log in as an admin while you are still logged in as the user. Instead you have to log out and th

Syntax ErrorDB Error Object

Disable syntax errorDB_Error ObjectThis is a PEAR Database Class issueI ran into this issue while working on a database problem on a dating website.When this error is thrown - php error_reporting() does not stop the error.Even worse this error exposes the username and password of the database!-- REALLY bad!The quickest was to fix this is by using the following script. function errhndl ( $

File Get Contents

file_get_contents PHP Functionfile_get_contents() streams in the content of a files that is passed to it as an argument.<?php$x = file_get_contents('testFile.txt);echo $x;?>The example above will print out whatever was stored in testFile.txt

Strip Tags

StripTags() php function Striptags() is a php function that literally strips HTML tags out of files that are streamed in to php with a function like file_get_contents()<?php$x = file_get_contents(''test_file.html'); // test_file has <h1> test me now </h1>$x = strip_tags($x)echo $x

Using Php Cookies Variables

Using Cookie Variables in PHPSetting cookies in php is pretty straight forward. There is a php functionsetcookie();This function must be called before any anything else on the page or it will fail. There are two options to address this.Use ob_start to Buffer contentYou can either make sure that setcookie() is the first thing you call in your script - which is often just not a possibility.

Favorite Links**writing-games-in-flash**

Make Money Writing Articles Online

Make Money Writing Articles for Mrarrowhead.ComArrowhead is currently looking for talented tutorial writers. This website has experienced a lot of growth this year. With a larger audience we want to offer more diverse articles. We also want to pay you for them. It's really a simple idea. Pick a computer topic that you know.Write an article / tutorial.Write an articl


About MrArrowhead.Com in Memory of Pam MorganSite Owner / Webmaster D.Shaun MorganWho is MrArrowhead?Mrarrowhead is a character in a short story that was Authored by Pam Morgan. Mrarrowhead is also the name of this website.MrarrowHead is a character who is struggling to to achieve his dreams and goals, and always finds those go

Introduction To Computer Networks

Introduction to Computer NetworksNetworking, Computer networks, Ethernet, The Internet, intranet, LAN and WAN, all of these are terms that you probably see every day. But unless you are a networking professional or student, you probably don't really understand them. This article will cover in simple terms what a network is from the context of a network professional and how networks affect the world we live in.The simplest definition of a network is when you connect o

Kony To Justice

Help bring this Child Murderer to JusticeThis film is about a child murderer who preys on vulnerable children - abducting them in the middle of the night and forcing them to kill their own parentsThe man behind this is known as "Kony" and he is one of the most wanted criminals in the world. However, because he hides away in places of Africa with wea

Florida Police Profiling Black Student

Police Profiling Black College Student? - Darnell DockettPosted July 23 2011 1015pmI wrote this in response to Florida law pulling over a ball player at FSU -- Darnell DockettYou can read that story athttp//

Var Dump

var_dump()var_dump() is very useful when you want to know what is inside of a php variable at certain spot in your php script.Arguments Passedvar_dump($variableToInspect)Pass the variable you want to inspect the var_dump function.Returnsvar_dump will return the contents of the variable you passed to it.


The die function Die('') is a very useful php function. You can place "die anywhere in a script that want that script to terminate. It also provides a bit of feedback to help the programmer when he/she needs to figure out where the script was last executing. It is very useful to see if you are down inside of a logic control structure such as an if statement or a case switch.Die takes a string as an argument and re

CyberBully Law Takes Away Free Speech

Is Free Speech Threatened By CyberBully Law in Tennessee?Tennessee lawmakers Charles Curtis - D. Sparta, and Senator Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro, have concocted a law, Public Chapter 362, making it illegal to "post any image online that causes emotional distress to anyone!"That is what I read in the Tennessean the other day, and let me tell you -- after reading it -- I was ready to go and raise a lynch mob and g

Freepress Net is a website ran by people that work hard to keep the Internet free and available to the people. They work on and support a large number issues including"Media OwnershipPublic MediaThe Future of the InternetQuality JournalismCivil Rights and Media JusticeBuilding the Media Reform Moveme

Court Ruling Rejects FCC Wanting To Allow Larger Mergers

Below is a link to an article about big media trying to consolidate their power in an attempt to monopolize access to the internet and other media.Court Ruling Rejects FCC Wanting to Allow Larger MergersTo read more about F


string addcslashes(string $str , string $charlist)How to use addslashes<?php$SlashedString = 'Myexample';$char_list = 'ea';$StrippedString = addcslashes($exampleString , $char_list);echo $SlashedString;//output will be My\ex\ampl\e?>Related Functions


MYSQL ERROR 22 - Can't Open Source FileRun the MYSQL command line toolOpen your backup file in a text editor. Does it start with a command to create or use the database? If not - Create it, if necessaryType use database filling in your DB nameType source path-to-SQL-fileUse the full source command, not the \. shortcutDo Not place spaces in the path.Do not use quotes for spaces in


string ucwords(string $mystring)Takes This function takes a string.Returns Converts every first letter of every word to an upper case letter.The example above will print to screen


trim() - phpTrims off white spaces from the beginning and ending of strings.$text = ' test ';$text =trim($text);echo $text;//gives 'test' with the white spaces gone

Substr Count

How to use substr_count() int substr_count ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset= 0 [, int $length ]] )substr_count ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset= 0 [, int $length ]] ) Is a php function looks for instances of A String Within a String.It returns how many instances are found.The example below is using


strtoupper() - php$str = 'this string is all upper case';echo strtoupper($str); ResultTHIS STRING IS ALL UPPER CASE


stripos - phpone is at the 14th positionEven tho


strpos - phpone is at the 14th positionEven though


strlen($string)Gives the length of string supplied arguments


How to use stripslashes<?php$exampleString = 'My\ex\ampl\e';$charlist = 'ea';$StrippedString = stripslashes( $exampleString);echo $StrippedString;//output will be Myexample?>Related FunctionsAddslas

Str Word Count

str_word_count() phpCounts the numbers of words found in a string.ResultThere are 10 words in $str.

Parse Str

How to use parse_str()parse_str(string $str [,array &$arr ]) <?php$string = 'firstVar=first&secondVar=second&thirdVar=third';parse_str($string);echo $firstVar; // outputs firstecho firstVar; // outputs secondecho firstVar; // outputs third?>The pars_str()
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Author: Molay Das | Website URL: |
How to pass 9 values through mail function?

Re: Admin

$value1 = 'value1';
$value2 = 'value2';
$value3 = 'value3';

$message = "value1 value2 value3";

$subject = "pass 9 values through mail";

$headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";

$headers .= 'From: Example ' . "\r\n";

mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);
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YMMD with that ansewr TX
Author: jay | Website URL: |
Hi there just to let you know ... your facebook like button on the index page is not working ...Anyway yours is the first php tutorial site I had a chance to learn from around two years back...when i was a newbie..i really apprciate the efforts thank you

Re: Admin

Thank you For letting me know. I sent you a message from my personal Gmail account also.