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Passing data from one form to another form

To pass php data from a form and then catch that data into another form one way to accomplish this task is to intermingle your php code into your HTML to dynamically capture variable values. This particular method is useful in a scenario where the user updates something via a post (it could be a text file or database) and then the user is returned to the page where the form is located to find various fields populated by information contained either in the database in the a text configuration file.

This actually is a lot easier than you might think. In this example, I will point the action="" attribute of the HTML Form to the same page that the form is sitting on. When doing this, it works best to just simply put the php code at the top of the page and then write the HTML below it.

Example:Try it - Download Script

Author: D.Shaun Morgan

passing data from one form to another form php Passing data from one form to another form To pass php data from a form and then catch that data into another form one way to accomplish this task is to intermi

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Author: musalaiah | Website URL: |
I am sending form data to another url third party url using get method is there any idea using post method in drupal. If yes let me know.

Re: Admin

If I understand you correctly, your are wanting to send Post data to a script that is on a remote server? as long as you have your php.ini settings set to allow it, you should be able to send that data to the script by placing the script's URL in the "action=" attribute and using the post method -- both found in the "form" HTML tag.

You should be able to simply submit your form as usual this way.
I tested all this on my servers to make sure that it worked.

If you have already tried to do this and it still will not work -- the


settings In your php.ini settings may be disabled.

If you have full access to your server then just make the proper php.ini settings. If not you can ask your hosting company to change it for you. If they are unwilling to help -- then it may be time to check on a new hosting company.

However, there are occasions when the hosting company does not allow you to send form data from an off server location. If that is your case, you need to look into a php method called:


Curl is your best bet in this case. I suggest you google it. Also check back here often cuz I think I may just research it a little more myself, and put it up on
Author: nayan | Website URL: |
deal with page id , saving in db ,using it and its advantage ? Re:

I have found that if you are creating a blog site, a database is ideal to store your content because the way that will format and display your content will be mostly the same on every page.

On the other hand, on a website where the format and the way that you display your content may change on every page -- you will find a need to store some of your content as files on the server. This is especially true if your content is likely to change depending on the user s choices. For example:

When designing a photo gallery and a members area I found it was best to store the photos on the server, while I stored the url to the photos and the gallery settings in the database