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Making Money on the Internet

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Since you are reading this I am going to assume that you are looking to either start or improve a venture of starting or improving your own business, and tapping into the vast wealth that you can build making money on the internet. Also, I am going to bet that you have already tried every get rich scheme about how to make money on the internet and you have probably experienced everything from moderate success to flat out failure and an empty wallet. With that in mind, I am going to avoid pages and pages of useless information about making money online. Instead I will be telling you how to start you own internet business, get your Internet business up and show you how to refine your efforts to maximize cash flow.

First I want to say - AND I'M SURE YOU'VE HEARD THIS EVERYWHERE -- "making money on the internet is simple. "As a matter of fact it is so painstakingly simple it is probably going to make you make pretty mad at yourself when you see what you have been missing. Let me tell you this ... Ten years ago, I was sitting there just like you:

"I was reading books, and e-zines and fortune magazines. I tried selling herbal products door to door. I tried selling magazine subscriptions. I tried selling web TV's, and computers. I tried eBay, and I even tried selling vacuum cleaners. I REALLY HAVE tried selling just about any and everything under the sun with the ultimate goal of becoming financially independent."

I must admit that there are people who have made millions selling all that stuff, and yes, it is possible. However, that is not the only path to building wealth, and it may not be a route that is suited to your abilities. Here are some things to consider while you are deciding how you want to start making money:
  1. Not everyone has a knack for pushing their way into people's homes with the intentions of convincing those to buy a vacuum cleaner, or magazine subscription that the customer really cannot afford anyway.
  2. Often times, the people who have made BIG money selling vacuums, magazines, Avon, etc, are people who got in when the company was just starting.
  3. The people who are making big money often start with large amounts of start up money.

Don't get me wrong - if you are one those people who can sell a nickel for a dime, I applaud your abilities. Also that is all the more reason why you should stick around and read more. In fact, not only will you do well with the information that I am going to give you, but you should excel quickly and effortlessly. Now, for the rest of us - the information that I give to you about making money online, only requires that you have an exceptional work ethic, and a willingness to learn something new.

Honestly, I am not much of a door to door salesman, and I am really not much of a socialite. I majored in computer science and prefer to work alone. So - the idea of becoming a high powered sales person just never did really work out very well with me. You know - I explored the ideas of starting up bars and clubs, or opening a small beer and gas store. I considered getting into fixing up cars and selling them. All these are things that I had watched others make good money doing. The problem I had, however, was always the same. I HAD NO CREDIT, AND I HAD NO MONEY! THE OLD SAYING GOES "IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY." In a world where starting even a small business can cost in the range of 100, 000 dollars up front - I was feeling like I would never be able take advantage of the financial freedom that I saw so many happy, and wealthy people with.

Well, then I discovered the Internet.

As of right now, the Internet is still largely unregulated and the combined price of an internet connection, server, software and other miscellaneous Internet business costs is less than 1 percent the start up cost of any traditional business. That comes out to about 100 dollars to get started with a business that only requires that you monitor your money as it comes in everyday!

So, I bet you are thinking - " yeah if it's that easy, then why would you tell me?" I have two very good reasons.

  1. First of all -like I said -- I have been right where you are wishing that someone would let me in on how to succeed.
  2. I make more money by sharing with you how I make money.

As you follow the things that I tell you in these articles that I am writing, you will soon learn something that took me a long time to understand. I will show you how you will always make more money by sharing your knowledge and abilities with others. When first I began developing these money making skills, I had a certain bit of selfishness, and wanted to do it all by myself and not let anyone else in on my secret. I'm telling you now that - that is the very thing that was holding me back from realizing my full potential. Wealth is not measured by dollars alone. To become a truly wealthy person - you must be willing give back. You must be willing to make sacrifices and you must be willing to take a risk.

You will not need any technical skills. I provide for you a way to start up a website. I will show you how to get your internet business up and running, and making money for less than 100 dollars.

This is just one of a series of articles that I will be publishing in the very near future. Take a moment and sign up below to receive the remainder of these articles. In future articles, I am going to show you, absolutely free of charge, how I took a few scattered ideas, domains and websites - and turned them into money that I get every single day. I am going to tell you all the secrets that these (so-called) Internet SEO masters use to make money from the Internet. After you start doing the things that I lay out in this publication, you are going to smack yourself on the head and say "How did I miss that?!" Really, it's a win - win deal on your part. It's free information! If you don't like it - chunk it. If you do like it and are willing to do a little work - you will be wealthy! It's really that simple. Sign up for the email, and get ready to start making money!



Author: D.Shaun Morgan

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