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Pass Variables from One Page to Another -- PHP

Tutorial Outline :

Introduction - php Passing Variables between Pages

In this tutorial about passing php variables, you will learn how to access PHP variables from one page to another.

This tutorial will illustrate how to collect information with a form; send that information to another webpage; encode that information into links, use session data to track data across the the user's entire visit and place cookies on the user's machine to be used by a php script for tracking and passing data.


The fact that you have made it to this webpage means that you have probably started coding a php script, everything is looking great and you are ready to send your collected data to another page or script to do some more work on that data. If your experience is anything like my early php coding experiences with passing variables - your "hello world" program with the echo function does not really offer much instruction on passing data to another webpage. Quickly frustrated because everything I found online assumed that passing variables is something the reader should already know, I decided to create this website and and document new coding techiniques as I learned them. I hope this tutorial helps you learn php.

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Get The PHP Manual
The php manual is an indispensable tool for a php developer. It gives examples of code and built-in functions that will help you grasp how php works. It can be found at . For those running a Windows Operating system, it comes in an easy-to-use help program. You can download it here

Passing $_POST to Another Page

Here is a simple example of how to pass a PHP variable from one page to another with the post method, and how to use the POST super global array to make your coding experiences more efficient and less time-consuming. We will start this lesson by creating php files.

  1. First create a file named passing-vars.php .
  2. Second create an HTML FORM on the passing-vars.php file to collect user data.
  3. Third you create a file named catching-vars.php and then write some php code in it to handle the variables.

Explanations and How To

If you are new to this stuff, the explanations in the following list should help explain things.

  • Creating php files -- Obviously if you are going to write php scripts you will need to know how to create php files.
    The good news is that creating php documents is arguably the easiest part!
    Simply open a text editor like notepad and save your file as YourFile.php


    You can also do this for "HTML," "ASP," and "TXT" files.

    However, with the exception of text files, to display correctly you must place them into a web-server directory and open them with a web-browser.
  • What is Hosting ?-- A hosting account is space on a web-server that your website files reside on that is provided by a 3rd party company for a price. If you don't want to pay a 3rd party you can set up your own server. Doing it yourself will require a level of expertise that is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

    I strongly suggest installing a local test http server on your personal computer. Apache is used in these examples. Apache is generally easy to learn, it's free, and it has been around since about as long as the Internet itself. In fact, you may want to look at Installing Apache and Installing PHPfor instructions on setting up apache and php on your local machine.
  • FORM -- Forms are used to collect text data from Internet users. They are made up of text boxes and submit-buttons. Data collected with FORMS can vary greatly depending on website types. for example has a FORM at the bottom of each page for collecting user feedback and comments about the website. When the Submit button is clicked, whatever text the user typed into the FORM'S input areas will be passed along to the web server which uses the value in the input box's -- name=variablename attribute to create global variables that live in the server as super-global-arrays, POST or GET. For now it is enough to know that those variables have a global scope, and are usually sent to the script that you have pointed your form to using the form tag's action="". The example form in this tutorial is pointing to a script called catching-var.php. catching-var.php will process the data passed to it from the by the form we place on "passing-var.php."

Posting Data

Copy the HTML below, paste it into a text editor and then save the file as "passing-var.php"

Look closely at the "FORM TAG." The server KNOWS, so-to-speak, to handle this data as "POST" because the method=POST attribute was set in the form. If this attribute is omitted or not set, it defaults to "GET" When submitted, the address bar will not contain the familiar

This is because the POST method, contrary to GET does not pass variable information in the address bar.

Although, it is noteworthy to mention that both of these methods CAN be employed simultaneously providing added advantages such as hiding some of the information passed while leaving some in plain sight. From a development point of view, the ability to change-up the variable-names and values in the address-bar is much faster than recreating the forms that send the data while testing.

Copy the PHP code below and paste it into a text editor and then save the file as "catching-var.php."

Visual example of Super Globals

Testing the Post Script

Open your web browser and navigate to passing-var.php. Insert some data into the form and submit it.


Now the catching-var.php script has access to the data sent over to it by the HTML FORM your created -- passing-vara.php . If all is working correctly, you should see the data that you entered in the output of catching-var.php.


Post Summary

That concludes the POST tutorial on learning how to pass variables from one page to another in php.

Next in line is the "GET "method. GET is teh DEFAULT methad used by HTML forms.
If you do not specify POST in your form's action attribute "action=post" then "GET" will be used.

Passing variables in php with $_GET

The "GET METHOD" allows you to see the variables along with the values stored in them in your web browser's address bar as they are passed to the another page. Additionally, paasing variables encoded into hyperlinks uses GET.

Let's Take a look at how this is done.

GET Anchor / Hyperlink Link Example

Get a Decent Text Editor

If you read the POST tutorial then you have already learned how to make php files with a text editor. If not, then need to go and get a good text editor. I suggest notepad++. It is chocked full of features for just about every kind of programming language you can think of; and the best thing about it is -- it is free. It will cost you nothing; not a dime! However, for those of you who can afford it, I strongly encourage you to make donations to the author of Notepad++ for giving us all such a great text editor. Also JUST FYI. I get nothing for promoting it. I plugged it because I honestly like it.

Now that you have a good text editor let's learn how to write php to handle variable sent with "GET."

First Complete the Following Steps:

  1. Create two .php files -- passing-var.php and catching-var.php.
  2. Place those files into a directory on your web server that is able to serve php scripts to the public.
  3. On Apache it is usually called htdocs

Passing php variables in HYPERLINKS - GET

Using GET for passing variables from one page to another page in PHP can be more versatile than using "POST", especially when dealing with dynamic variable data and user input. "GET" is the method utilized automatically when variables are coded into hyperlinks.

First - Coding variables into hyperlinks.



When you follow this link to "catching-var.php" :

These variables ----- > name=Shaun&Lname=Morgan

will be available to catching-var.php via the the $_GET super global array -- $_GET['name']&$_GET['Lname']

Now place the following code at the top of the php script page - catching-var.php

Second - How to Use GET Method With HTML FORMS

You actually see "GET" variables all the time while you are browsing the Internet. They are the cryptic-looking text after the Question Mark "?" behind the web addresses in your navigation bar. They are strings of text that represent variable names and data that is paired up and then passed to another page for processing by a web script or some other programming language.

After testing the catching-var.php file, lets go back and do something a little different. Instead of just accessing the GET variable lets do something useful with it. Next we will code the data that was sent into yet another URL to be passed on to yet another page etcetera.

The resulting link would be:

You can also pass variables in the "action" attribute of the form tag like this:

Keep in mind that passing php variables in hyperlinks only works if the user clicks on the links.

Security Concerning the GET Method

The "get method" passes data in the URI. If you look at your web browser's address bar after submitting a "get method" form, you will notice that you can view all variables and values pairs that were written into the page's HTML forms and links. They can also be modified and resubmitted by the user which can make GET data insecure by itself.

Malicious input can be added to GET values in the web browser in an attempt to launch an injection attack against a web server. People who perpetrate injection attacks attempt to cause harm to remote machines by sending servers parameters often encoded into a web browser's address bar. PHP programmers should always watch out for this kind of attack and be proactive about stopping attackers before they compromise their websites.

Basic Security Tips

  1. Use Functions likestriptags() to keep attackers from injecting unwanted HTML and other code into your web site. The striptags() php function removes HTML and other scripting tags from the content it processes.
  2. fgetss( ) -- Does same as str_replace
  3. str_ireplace()
  4. Write code that tracks number of times a web attacker attempts submit a form. Throw an error and write soem code to deal with it when it is attempted toom any times

POST is slightly more secure than GET because a the variable values you are sending are not visible.

Example Passing Variables Using $_SESSION['']

What if I want to pass a certain set of variables several pages or every page on my website?

Do I have to keep coding $_POST or $_GET into the HTML on every page?

Answer: No - You can use Sessions Or Cookies Instead.

SESSIONS will allow you to pass php variables and values to every page a user visits on your web site.


  • Every time a person visits a site that uses php session_start() a new session is started.
  • The user is also assigned an unique SESSION id number
  • Sessions are valid until the session expires (the expiry value is set in the php.ini file), or until the user closes his or her browser.
  • SESSIONS are php super global arrays
  • The syntax for accessing session variables is -- $_SESSION['name of variables'].
  • Using Sessions can make passing variables between pages much easier.
  • $_SESSION['name of variables']is available to programmers anywhere on the server that he/she invokes the session_start(); php function.

Example of Form Tag and $_SESSION[''] Variables

First send the variable to a script

Move $_POST Variable Contents into $_SESSION Variable

Call: "session_start()": on testScript.php

Explanation of Example Script

First we use a form to send POST data to a php script -- testScript.php

Next testScript.php calls up the session_start() function, creating a session variable --- $_SESSION['name'] ---and sets it to the value found in $_POST['name']values. Now the $_SESSION['name'] variable can be accessed and used from any page on the server

Accessing $_SESSION Variable

You must call the "session_start()" function in php to gain access to the $_SESSION super global array.

Example on How to Use SESSIONS

Example About Using Cookie Variables

Using Cookie Variables php
Author: D.Shaun Morgan

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Author: sachin | Website URL: |
I am working on a small web site.I use form action method for login but in same page i give a searching criteria to show specific data. but when click on search button it show the path of login but I want to show search page how can I do this?
It sounds like you are probably using the same form tag for both actions. Create two forms on your page -- one for searches and the other for logging in. Place the search text boxes and button in the search form and put the login textbox and button in the login form.

Also it may be helpful and keep things simpler and easier to manage if you create locate the action scripts in two separate files instead of trying to put them on the same page. Doing this makes our code much more manageable.

Another great way to implement your idea is with AJAX code. AJAX will allow you to call and use your PHP scripts with JavaScript without actually having to navigate the web Browser away to another page. AJAX is what makes possible neat features like the way Google can offer you suggestions as you type them in. It literally creates a bridge between the client side code and server side side code. VERY COOL!
Author: Shalini SIngh | Website URL: |
session_start(); include ("header.php"); include ("navigation.php"); //print_r($_GET); $_SESSION['city']=$_GET['city']; $_SESSION['ocity']=$_GET['ocity']; $_SESSION['state']=$_GET['state']; $_SESSION['zip']=$_GET['zip']; //$_SESSION['zipONe']=$_GET['zipONe']; $_SESSION['country']=$_GET['country']; $_SESSION['radius']=$_GET['radius']; $_SESSION['property_type']=$_GET['property_type']; $_SESSION['min']=$_GET['min']; $_SESSION['max']=$_GET['max']; $_SESSION['numBegin']=$_GET['numBegin']; $_SESSION['begin']=$_GET['begin']; $_SESSION['num']=$_GET['num']; $_SESSION['total']=$_GET['total']; //print_r($_SESSION); include (""); ---------------------------------- now if i want to search through script "" ,it wont send SESSION variables to this script . Any work around for this.
Author: Pavithra | Website URL: |
Please guide me about passing data from one form to another; i collect the details of the user in a form in a html page.When i click on a submit button in this form it ones another form ie html page ("thanks.html") ,here i display a msg "Thank you for registering " along with this msg i want to display the datails of the user entered in the previous form. How appropriately should I use the get and post mtds. Please let me know

Re: From Admin:

Check out this script that I posted online. It will help you with your forms.
Passing info from Form to Form
Author: ashis mohanty | Website URL: |
Question? I want when I click the first button(submit) it will display the total table in the same page and when i click the 2nd one it will display the selected row of the table in another page through catching the id value.
Author: Ayush | Website URL: |
Hey hieee... I just started a project in a hospital to enter medical records of patient. I have given each doctor a username and password. As soon as they log in they can either add a new record or search for an existing.When a doctor searches he gets record of all the patients i.e. patients referred by other doctors too.and they can update the information too. But i want the update to be done only if the patient belongs to that doctor or else other doctors must be only able to view the details but not edit them. Plzzzzz provide your suggestions.... Thanx in advance :
Author: amit | Website URL: |
i have prepared a login form in which when the user enters the user name and password , if the username or password is correct then a new window is displayed but if the username or password is incorrect then the text username or password is inccorect should be displayed at the bottom of the login form and not on the new page
Author: khurshid alam | Website URL: |
I want to pass two three parameter into one link. how i can I do this?

Re: admin

The simplest way to pass parameters with a link is with the $_GET method.


$parameter1 = 'param1test';

$parameter2 = 'param1test';

$parameter3 = 'param1test';


<a href="<?php echo $parameter1 ?>parameter2=<?php echo $parameter2 ?>parameter3=<?php echo $parameter3 ?>&;">This is your link</a?>

Author: neeraj | Website URL: |
I want to pass variable value which is not there in form tag to another page

Re: Admin

I think you are asking me how to pass a variable value that is not inside the form tag on your page.

To understand this scenario we need to understand the concept of forms and links and how they work.

The form tag looks like this:

<form> stuff inside form tag </form>

Inside the form tag will be some text boxes and a submit button that will create variables on the server that you will be able to use on the next page.

<form action="test.php" method="get" >
<input type="text" name="" value="">
<input type="submit" name="" value="">

Now I am assuming that you want to know how you might be able to create variable other than what are found inside the form tag

Well you can add variables coded into a url in the action attribute of the of the form tag

<form action="test.php?newVar=true" method="get" >

If you do this, then you will be able to access "newVar" with $_GET['newVar']

Author: Baharul Islam | Website URL: |
Finally a tutorial where I can learn php. I've been trying to learn php for ever. sending variables from one page to another page is the most important thing to learn in php.

Thank you!
Author: Anil | Website URL: |
I want to pass three value using three hyperlink
Re: Admin
Refer to the section on
Author: Paddy manning | Website URL: |
I was trying to use a php to offer a savable download by passing the name of the file as a variable so a href= download.php?$file = pdfs Economics_in_one_lesson.pdf download a ?php if file_exists $file { header Content-De ion: File Transfer header Content-Type: application octet-stream header Content-Disposition: attachment filename= .basename $file header Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary header Expires: 0 header Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0 header Pragma: public header Content-Length: . filesize $file ob_clean flush readfile $file getting an unexpected end error message and am LOST
Author: Paul Rinderer | Website URL: |
echo day=$info[event_day]



Can you help me understand this code.

Thanks in advance
Author: nanda kishore | Website URL: restaurant |
i am working on small website when i am click on search button then call to another page from mysql back end how it is
Author: kumar | Website URL: |
How do i pass a variable to my tpl file if its used like : if $id=$my_id { status=1 } else if condition { status=2 }
Author: shabtu | Website URL: |
Re: Admin
Thank you for your comment Shantu.
Author: Ashwani | Website URL: |
http: test1.php?name=Shaun Lname=Morgan

How can we make above url SEO frinedly on second page.
Re: Admin
what do you mean by seo friendly?
Author: Kevin Blumer | Website URL: |
How do i pass a website to another website so i want to pass to so it comes out like this http: ir that kinda makes sense without the http: looked up a few ways but still dont know how to do it.
Re: Admin
Please email and elaborate on your problem. I'm not sure that I understand exactly.
Author: neha | Website URL: |
session is not working in my pc then?
Author: santosh kumar parbat | Website URL: |
how many variables are able to pass through hyperlink
when i am sendin two variable, its goes easilly. but when sending three variables , than its not going perfecty and showing only value of first two variable. i am using $_GET[ abc ] to retrive value in anather page.
kindly help me. Andd suggest me too.Thankyou
Re: Admin
make sure your variables are coded like :

Author: Rich | Website URL: |
Thanks for the help. My first $_SESSION
Author: JM | Website URL: |
Excellent and very detailed post, I wrote a small tutorial in the same subject, it can be helpful. I want to share it in your blog with your readers. Please take a look here : http: 1339 how-to-send-and-receive-parameters-in-php
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and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
I look forward to brand new updates and will share this site with my Facebook group.
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Thank You
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Thank you for any other informative website.
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