Creating Text Borders With Adobe Photoshop Stroke

Define Borders

A border is exactly what it sounds like, it is a stroked line of set width and color that follows the edge of a text, image layer, or selected area.

Text Borders

Text borders more are more specific, often utilized for the purposes of sign making. Signs are advertisements designed to get a customer's or prospect's attention, direct them to services and/or products and call them to take some action... i.e. buy a product or click on a product for review.

Adobe Photoshop makes Creating professional text borders fast and easy. It comes loaded with tons of built in time saving features that increase efficiency by giving artists and web designers more time to focus on creating great content for their websites instead of drawing freehand borders or stacking smaller texts on top of larger texts of contrasting colors. Graphics programs such as MS Paint for Windows have no border or stroke tools at all; and if you have ever had the grand pleasure of trying to create strokes and borders with such a program then you will definitely appreciate using Photoshop.

Getting Started

Start up your copy of Photoshop. Versions 7.0 or higher will work for this text border tutorial. Now look in the Tools window which is found in the Photoshop work area, and select the Text Tool.

If you can't find the Tools window in the Photoshop work area:

Click -- Windows / Tools from the top navigation ribbon. The Tools window will appear in the Photoshop Work area.

NOTE: All Photoshop windows can be docked and undocked as needed.

Base64 Image Photoshop Tutorial

After selecting the Text tool, click inside of the Photoshop Canvas area. A cursor will appear and begin Blinking.

Base64 Image Photoshop Tutorial

Now you can choose a font type

Base64 Image Photoshop Tutorial

Next lets type some text into Adobe Photoshop and play around with the border settings. Photoshop calls this the Stroke function. It strokes a border around the text or layer being worked on at that time.

Base64 Image Photoshop Tutorial

Look for the Fx at the bottom of the layers box. This will open up a menu for style options including the stroke option.

Base64 Image Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop gives you several choices to choose from when creating text borders. Notice in the example image above is an example of the "outside, inside, and center" options. These three options allow the author to decide on how to place the border - outside the text, inside the text, or centered on the edge. These options are powerful editing tools and still they make up only a small portion of the tools that Photoshop provides for creating text borders. Take your time and play around with the fill type and Photoshop color options. Bookmark and check back soon for more tutorials covering topics such as how to create advanced text borders and custom shape borders using stroke, shape burst and gradients.