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Category: php functions


addslashes string addcslashes(string $str , string $charlist) How to use addslashes<?php $SlashedStri

array rand array_rand(array $input [, int $num_req= 1 ]) Returns: Random key Arguments Argument 1 is an array. Arguments 2 is an integer that determines how many keys will be r

chop chop() PHP Function chop() is identical to the rtrim function string rtrim(string $str[, string $charlist ]) Strips characters including he

die The die function Die('') is a very useful php function. You can place "die anywhere in a script that want that script to terminate. It also provides a bit of f

echo echo Echo is used in php scripts to output html characters to the screen. echo is one of the most used functions in the php language.

explode explode(); The explode(); php function is one that is used a lot. For example, you might want to read website content into a php script and then parse and manipu

file get contents file_get_contents PHP Function file_get_contents() streams in the content of a files that is passed to it as an argument.<?php

implode how to use implode() php function The implode() php function is exactly the opposite of explode(). It takes an array of strings

ltrim ltrim ltrim() php function ltrim removes the leftmost entity from a string in PHP. " " (ASCII 32 (0x20) - space. "\t" (ASCII 9 (0x09)) - tab. "\n" (ASCII 10 (0x0A) - (l

md5 md5() md5 is a mathematical algorithm that is commonly called the md5 digest. The md5 procedure takes alphanumeric input and performs what is known as a hash returning a 128 bit unique

md5 file How to Use md5_file()php function md5 is a mathematical algorithm that is commonly called the md5 digest. The md5 procedure takes alphanumeric input and performs what is kn

nl2br nl2br() - How to convert newline characters to line breaks HTML To preserve the layout of characters type into a text-box and format it to display in an HTML

parse str How to use parse_str() parse_str(string $str [,array &$arr ])  <?php $string = 'firstVar=first&

php functions

rtrim rtrim Removes whitespace from the right side of a string See: trim()

str ireplace mixed str_ireplace ( mixed $search , mixed $replace , mixed $subject [, int &$count ] ) Str_ireplace() searches and replaces prog

str word count str_word_count() php Counts the numbers of words found in a string.

strip tags StripTags() php function Striptags() is a php function that literally strips HTML tags out of files that are streamed in to php with a function like

stripslashes How to use stripslashes <?php $exampleString = 'My\ex\ampl\e'; $charlist = 'ea';

strlen strlen($string) Gives the length of string supplied arguments

strpos strpos - php

strripos stripos - php

strtoupper strtoupper() - php $str = 'this string is all upper case'; echo strtoupper($str); Result: THIS STRING IS ALL UPPER C

substr count How to use substr_count() int substr_count ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset= 0 [, int $length ]] ) s

trim trim() - php Trims off white spaces from the beginning and ending of strings. $text = ' test '; $text =trim($text); echo $text; //gives 'test'

ucwords string ucwords(string $mystring) Takes: This function takes a string. Returns: Converts every first lett

var dump var_dump() var_dump() is very useful when you want to know what is inside of a php variable at certain spot in your php script.


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Author: James M | Website URL: |
I need to know how to link one page to another page in html. I have been searching for this problem forever.
Re: Admin
Check out the following the link at "How to link one page to another page in html."
Author: amruth | Website URL: |
I need to send mail from the php function mail ,I have installed postfix in linux kubuntu os but still unable to send emails
Author: Tim | Website URL: |
Not a question but an observation and thanks for the excellent tutorials by the way ... You probably noticed but in your logo top left You spelled Arrow with one r. If this is by design, please excuse.