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Make Money Writing Articles for Mrarrowhead.Com

Arrowhead is currently looking for talented tutorial writers. This website has experienced a lot of growth this year. With a larger audience we want to offer more diverse articles. We also want to pay you for them. It's really a simple idea.

  1. Pick a computer topic that you know.
  2. Write an article / tutorial.
  3. Write an article / tutorial.
  4. Submit it for review
  5. Get Paid.

We are looking for good writers. Good writers equals good articles which in turn means more traffic. More traffic means more money. We will pay to you 50% of all the revenue that your article generates.

Mrarrowhead's primary source of income right now comes from Google Adsense and the Google Affiliate program. We are currently looking into adding more Google products for money generation. Our first goal is to publish better articles so that we will get more web traffic (and better traffic = more money.)

As a writer we encourage you to write about topics that you know a lot about. We are currently building a members area here on, where each writer can log in, suggest new categories and manage articles. This writing opportunity requires no money and no technical skills to get started.

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Author: D.Shaun Morgan