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Introduction to Building Websites

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Building Your First Site introduction 2

Looking through emails at, I keep seeing this question: “how do I create my own website?”

As I consider this question, I am assuming that the people who are sending those emails need information about how to buy domain names, design websites around an idea, then have those websites hosted on internet servers where they are viewed by the rest of the world, and last but not least - make money online.To address this question I decided to write a series of tutorials that break down the job of building a website into step by step instructions, and  teach the reader how to:

  • Set up a testing environment on your local machine, which includes a locally running web server Apache,
  • what-you-see- is-what-you-get (WISIWIG)web design software such as Dreamweaver image editing software
  • Adobe Photoshop, and a dynamic scripting language – my personal favorite – php.

Author: D.Shaun Morgan

building websites beginners tutorial 02 php Building Websites First Step - About Domains Hosting Your Website

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building websites beginners tutorial 01 php Introduction to Building Websites Skip to the Examples  


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Hi, can you help me with the following problem?

I am writing a script with php. In this script I opening a text file. I would like to break this text file into smaller chunks at certain points and then put it back together the same way I took it apart.

Re: Admin

In this case you may want to explore the uses for the explode php function.