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About MrArrowhead.Com

in Memory of Pam Morgan

Site Owner / Webmaster: D.Shaun Morgan

Who is MrArrowhead?

Mrarrowhead is a character in a short story that was Authored by Pam Morgan.

Mrarrowhead is also the name of this website.

MrarrowHead is a character who is struggling to to achieve his dreams and goals, and always finds those goals and dreams right at his fingertips but still just barely out of reach. Mrarrowhead is determined to fight on toward his dreams and goals against all odds. He refuses to let naysaying and advice of others turn him away form his endeavors. Mrarrowhead is determined that he will either get to where he really wants to be or die trying.

Why the name

I had two things in mind when I, D.Shaun Morgan, started this website.

First, when I first began this website I had just began learning PHP. I figured what better way to learn than to write it down as I learned. SO I started writing tutorials about the things I learned I studied how to write scripts.

Second I wanted to use a domain name that was a single word AND unique. Mrarrowhead fit the bill. When I chose it brought back nothing useful when you typed it into a search engine. Now, if you search on the topic of php, you will find that mrarrowhead is at the top of many search queries.

Finally, was and still is meant for people that want to learn PHP. There are plans to expand into a tutorial website that offers a broader selection of web design tutorials in other subjects.

We have already began to expand into some of those areas as of 2012. Today you will find tutorials on Photoshop and graphics, and networking. All of these technologies work together with php to bring websites to the end user. Thus, it only makes since to cover those technologies too.

Author: D.Shaun Morgan

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