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Extracting Text From Images

Extract text from pictures and imagesOptical Character Recognition (OCR)OneNote supports Optical Character Recognition facilitates the task of extracting text from image files. Optical Character Recognition - OCR can convert various types of media into text that can be edited. For i

Disable Windows Error Reporting

Disable Windows 7 Error Reporting Click on the Start button and then Click Control Panel. Click System and Security. Note If you're viewing the Large icons or Small icons view of Control Panel, click on Action Center and go to Step 4.

Activate Windows Now

Windows 7 Activation Error - Activate Windows within 5 DaysWindows 7 was installed and you start to see the following errorsDesktop Background Turns Completely Black An Error and/or a Box Pops-Up Saying"This version of Windows is not Genuine""Windows is not Genuine" - 0x80070005 "Activate Windows Now.""Activate Windows Now."The most likely culprit here is Windows Activa

Bad Network Connection Things To Check

Windows Xp Computer Won't connect to the Internet. Look on your desktop for "Network places." Right click and choose "properties." Look for "local area connection." Right Click and select "repair."If this does not help Then check your network cables.

Gain Admin Rights To Files From User Account Xp

How to Get Admin Rights for Files, Logged In as User - XPD.Shaun MorganHave you ever been logged into Windows XP as a regular user and then suddenly realized that you really need admin access to files?While you are logged in without admin rights, Windows does not give you an option to log in as an admin while you are still logged in as the user. Instead you have to log out and th
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